Zoning Considerations and Changes

The Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Beaux Arts Village sets forth the Town's vision for preserving its special character and goals  for preparing for future growth.  The Beaux Arts Village Zoning Code establishes the rules and regulations for the development of private property in the Town so that the vision and goals of the Comprehensive Plan can be realized.

There are times when the strict interpretation of the Zoning Code places an undue hardship on a particular property due to the physical characteristics of the site.  In those cases, a property owner may seek relief from that strict interpretation by requesting a variance.  The instructions and application form for this process are listed below.  Variance requests are heard and decided by the Town Hearing Examiner at a public hearing.

There are times when a property owner wishes to subdivide his/her property.  There a very few lots left in Beaux Arts that are large enough to subdivide into legal lots of the minimum 10,000 sq. ft. required by the Zoning Code; however, for those few owners of eligible lots, we have provided the instructions and application forms for Subdivisions below.

Lastly, there may be times when adjacent property owners want to change the location of the property line dividing their properties.  For this action, we provide instructions and the application form for Baoundary Line Adjustments below.

Requests for subdivisions and boundary-line adjustments are reviewed by the Town Engineer and heard and decided by the Town Council at a public hearing.

Some owners may be interested in developing an accessory-dwelling unit (ADU), often referred to as a mother-in-law unit, on their property.  We provide a fact sheet to help outline the rules for these units and answer some of your questions.

If you need additional help with any of these issues or have questions, please contact one of the Town Clerks through our CONTACT US page.