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Clerks for the Town of Beaux Arts Village strive to keep residents up-to-date on matters related to the Town, including local/regional issues that may impact Villagers. To accomplish this, we summarize recent news and events of interest in this section and include appropriate links, when available.  For more detailed information about what's happening in the Town, including WABA news, please visit our Town Newsletter page.

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Car Prowls / Vandalism on the rise


The rise in car prowls and vandalism throughout the area is also affecting Beaux Arts Village.  To protect yourself and your valuables, please remember to:

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Bellevue Lake Line Study


Bellevue Utilities have embarked on a study of the 15 miles of sewer lines and pump stations running along the shore of Lake Washington.  The study will produce a Lake Line Management Plan that will guide the utility in repairing/replacing lines and related equipment to ensure the proper operation of these utility lines.  For more project information and links to contact projec prinicipals, please visit:  Lake Washington Lake Line Management Plan | City of Bellevue (

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Recycling Classes / Events


Beaux Arts residents are invited to participate in the following recycling classes and events offered by the City of Bellevue.  Please lick on the links shown for more information.

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