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Trees in Beaux Arts Village

Beaux Arts Urban Forest

Beaux Arts Urban Forest

As one enters Beaux Arts Village, it is immediately obvious that trees are an important part of the look, feel, and character of the town.  We even have two trees sited in the middle of paved streets; denizens of the area from long before Beaux Arts was founded in 1908.

Beaux Arts prides itself on this urban forest -- one of the most extensive of any city or town in the area -- and its preservation.  Beaux Arts Village Municipal Code Chapter 16.25 establishes the rules and regulations for removing trees on both public and private property.  Residents contemplating the removal of any tree should first review this important legislation.

Recently the Town partnered with the King Consevation District (KCS) to map our urban forest canopy and assess the health of the entire forest in the Village.  The result of thiis project is the 2019 Town of Beaux Arts Village Forest Strategic Plan, which includes maps, a report filled with data about the forest canopy and understory, and recommendations for managing this critical resource.  Because the report it large and graphics heavy, it has been uploaded in sections below.  One important tool from the study is an interactive map of the trees in our urban forest, which can be found at  Residents can use this map to view the various stands of trees throughout the Village, and by clicking on the colored sections, can learn more about the recommendations for each stand.