Municipal Code


The Town Council establishes the rules and regulations governing the Town of Beaux Arts Village by passing legislation in the form of ordinances.  As rules change and ordinances are amended, it can become confusing for the casual observer to determine which rules remain in effect just by reviewing ordinances.  For this reason, the Town has organized all of its active regulations into a municipal-code format that most users will find easier to research.  A link to the Beaux Arts Village Municipal Code (BAVMC) is provided above.

As you navigate through the code, you will notice that the BAVMC is organized by subject into titles and chapters.  You will also notice that each chapter (or section within a chapter) includes a parenthetical citation noting the enabling ordinance.  These parenthetical references serve as a reminder that the ordinances passed by the Council remain the controlling legislation in the Town.

As the Council deems necessary, new Town ordinances will be enacted and will take effect shortly after passage.  The Town Clerk keeps copies of ordinances on file and periodically submits newly passed ordinances to Code Publishing for inclusion in an updated BAVMC, a process known as codification.

From the time an ordinance becomes effective before it is codified.  When that happens, the Town will post a copy of the ordinance on this page and Code Publishing will include a link to it on theirs.  In this way, all who refer to the Town Code will be made aware of pending changes to the code that may not yet be codified.