Emergency Preparedness

The Town of Beaux Arts Village' mission for emergency preparedness and response is to become as self-sufficient as we can while fitting in with or complimenting the plans of our emergency responders and of the cities that surround us.  The Council has completed work on the Beaux Arts Village Disaster Plan (see link below) and continues developing emergency-response sheets to guide local responders, developing a schedule for testing equipment and response plans, and maintaining the work accomplished to date by residents on Map Your Neighborhood (MYN).

The following are links to existing plans for our neighbors and emergency responders and other useful emergency-response-planning information:

Your Town Council recently participated in the 2018 Great Shake Out Washington.  In this first test of our emergency-response plans, Councilmembers successfully completed two exercises and interacted with the King County Emergency Operations Center as part of the Zone One drill.  This drill helped ensure that the Town has access to the Regional Operations System that will be used to report situation updates and collaborate with other cities in King County after a large-scale disaster.  The Council also conducted its first-ever internal drill to test our emergency communications plan.  As a result, we were able to iron out a number of details, achieve a common understanding of why we practice our plans, review our role as Councilmembers in the event of an emergency, and evaluate how we can be better prepared to help our neighbors should the need arise.

Moving forward, the Council continues to develop ideas for taking our town to the next level to make sure we can be the calm after the storm when a disaster strikes.  We also encourage residents to continue their own planning, including family conversations about what to do and how to check in with each otherwhen a disaster strikes, what supplies each family member should have at home, at work and in personal vehicles, and other relevant information.  To assist with these preparations, we will post Relevant Documents below as we find them, and we encourage everyone to review their MYN block preparation and Beaux Arts' local procedures as they are being refined.


Feel free to contact Councilmember Aletha Howes or Clerk/Treasurer Sue Ann Spens with your questions, comments, suggestions, etc.