Police / Fire Services

The Town contracts for police and fire services.  If you need help from one of these agencies, please call 911.  The 911 operators are trained to direct your call to the appropriate emergency or non-emergency channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Police Services

The Town contracts with the King County Sheriff for police services.  As part of that contract, KCSO patrols the Town regularly and is also the agency that responds to all non-emergency calls.  In the case of an emergency, the Washington State mutual-aid agreement ensures that the closest available police officer(s) will respond.

Please visit the King County Sheriff's Office webpage for more information.

Fire Services

The Town contracts with Bellevue Fire Department for fire services.  As part of that contract, BFD responds to all calls for fire and medical emergencies placed through 911.  In addition, BFD handles all fire-sprinkler plan reviews and permitting.

For more information, please visit the Bellevue Fire Department webpage.

Recreational Fires / Outdoor Burning

In 2019, the Town amended our outdoor burning code.  The new  code allows only recreational fires, ie "cooking fires and charcoal barbecues, campfires, and bonfires in designated areas or on private property for cooking, pleasure, or ceremonial purposes".  All other outdoor burning is strictly prohibited.  Please review both Chapter 8.15 Outdoor Burning and this public information sheet from the Bellevue Fire Department for details.

Mail Theft

Mail thieves continue to find success with stealing identities, money, packages and more. They often target full or unlocked mailboxes, but owners of locking mailboxes report an increase in thefts after finding their boxes pried open as well.  Please click here for more detailed information on how your can protect yourself.