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Legislation Under Consideration in Olympia - Possible BIG Impact on our Village


Recently, the Town circulated a special newsletter describing two bills under consideration at the Washington State Legislature have the potential to significantly impact our Town and asking concerned Villagers to take action.  Please read that message, including letters from Mayor Howes to our state representatives outlining the Town's concerns, here:  House Bill 1110 and Senate Bill 5190 These bills seek to give Washington State the power to overturn local control of our zoning laws and allow the construction of up to six housing units per lot. Neither bill considers the Village’s long history of preserving its trees, green spaces, and eclectic mix of housing. Nor does either provide any financial assistance to improve infrastructure to accommodate the added housing and occupants.

Yesterday, the State House passed BH 1110 without making any changes to exempt Beaux Arts Village and other small towns in the Greater Seattle area from these new regulations.  Our only hope is that the State Senate will decide to include such an exemption.

We urge all Villagers to comment on this proposed legilsation here https://app.leg.wa.gov/pbc/bill/5190.  Note that each voter in a household may submit comments individually.individually, and we encourage everyone to do so. Time is of the essence as the legislative session ends soon.