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Last Update:  27 September 2017

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PROPOSED ROW IMPROVEMENTS FOR TOWN ENTRANCE AT SE 30TH ST AND 105TH AVE SE:  The Council continues working to improve our common areas.  In the last couple of years, Villagers have seen vast improvements to two paths in Town:  the Angle Path and the Academy Path.  The next area slated for renovation is the south entrance along the Arterial.  To view the proposal, please click here.

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NEW TRAFFIC RESTRICTIONS THROUGH SOUTH BELLEVUE:  Bellevue recently mailed this flyer to residents of Enatai and Beaux Arts outlining a pilot program for traffic restrictions along Bellevue Way and 108th Ave SE that will impact the flow of vehicles through our area.  The flyer asks that feedback during the pilot be offered through the website at to help the Bellevue Transportation Department evaluate the pilot's effectiveness.  You can also contact the parties listed on the flyer to offer feedback.

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FIRE DANGER REMAINS HIGHER THAN USUAL:  Bellevue Fire Department is reminding residents to exercise caution and be mindful of our extremely dry conditions as they relate to brush, grass, and wildfire potential. With little precipitation in the forecast, our area will continue to be at risk and potential of wildfires will remain high. Smokers should take extra precautions and NOT discard ash or cigarettes outdoors, especially around dry vegetation areas.

Beaux Arts Village is more heavily forested than many other communities in our area.  Please help us keep it that way!

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TRAFFIC DATA COLLECTION:  Have you seen the traffic-data collection wires in the streets at the entrances to the Village?  The Council recently purchased and installed equipment that counts  the number of cars entering Beaux Arts, so that they can be aware in real time of the volume of cut-through traffic in our vicinity caused by construction on South Bellevue Way.  The Council will evaluate the data collected, use it to guide decisions about the need to take action, and employ it to back up our correspondence about the need for traffic mitigation with both the City of Bellevue and Sound Transit during their respective construction projects.

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COUNCIL APPOINTMENT:  At the June Council meeting, the Council confirmed Mayor Leider's appointment of Paula Dix to the Council replacing Cynthia Hudson for a term that expires on 12/31/2019.  Ms. Dix has served on the Planning Commission for a number of years, most recently shepherding policies designed to encourage historic preservation (CLG Program) in the Village through the adoption process, and is very familiar with the many issues facing the Town.  In addition, she has served on the Board of the Western Academy of Beaux Arts and is a long-time resident of the Village.  The Council welcomes her experience and thoughtful approach as she takes on Emergency Management and other tasks that Ms. Hudson had been handling.

Ms. Hudson resigned because she and her family are moving out of the area.  Her enthusiasm and can-do attitude will be missed.

When you have the opportunity, please thank both of these individuals for their willingness to serve all Villagers while accomplishing the business of the Town.  All officials serving on the Council and the Planning Commission are volunteers who devote some of their free time to the business of the Town solely because they value the Village life.

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CERTIFIED LOCAL GOVERNMENT (CLG) PROGRAM:  At their March meeting, the Council passed Ordinance No. 428 establishing guidelines for historic preservation and creating property-owner incentives for preserving and protecting historic properties within the Town.  This ordinance was presented to the Council by the Planning Commission after eighteen+ months of devoted study reviewing the various ways other Washington cities are employing to encourage the preservation of historic properties.  The CLG program has been adopted by more than 80 cities of varying sizes throughout Washington (click here for a complete list) and allows property owners to take advantage of tax incentives in exchange for following specific guidelines that preserve and protect properties that a recognized as historic.  To review the enacted ordinance, please click here.

One important aspect of the ordinance is the creation of the Beaux Arts Historic Preservation Commission composed of five members serving six-year terms.  The Commission's primary responsibility is to identify and actively encourage the conservation of the Town's historic resources.  Residents who may be interested in serving on this Commission are urged to contact Planning Commissioner Paula Dix. 

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PLANNING COMMISSION APPOINTMENTS:  Mayor Leider recently appointed Aletha Howes and Kim Moloney to the Planning Commission.  Ms. Howes replaces Bennet Yen, who resigned due to work obligations, and Ms. Moloney replaces Jan Johnston, who completed her term in December 2016.  All who serve the Town on the Council and Planning Commission do so as volunteers; when you have the chance, please take a moment to thank them for their willingness to tackle the issues on our behalf!

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DRAFT HOME DESIGN GUIDELINES:  The Planning Commission has been working to define preferred design standards for new home construction in the Village.  Commissioners recognize that an early introduction to the Town's preferences through a published statement of design guidelines would be effective.  The statement would be available in a prominent location on the Town website, as well as distributed to local realtors and homebuilders.  Please click here to view the draft document.  The Planning Commission is interested in any feedback, both to the document itself and the method of distribution.  Please feel free to forward your comments to Deputy Clerk Angela Kulp at

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EAST LINK UPDATEFor up-to-date information about Sound Transit's East Link project, visit, sign-up for alerts at, or check the East Link online events calendar for notice of upcoming participation opportunities.  For information in alternative formats, call 1-800-201-4900 / TTY Relay: 711 or email

You may contact Sound Transit Community Outreach by email at or by phone at 206-398-LINK with any other questions.

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TRAFFIC MITIGATION: The City of Bellevue Transportation Department and Sound Transit's East Link Light Rail group are tasked with monitoring the traffic impacts that result from the East Link project.  Please visit for up-to-date information.

The South Bellevue Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation Committee is specifically focused on traffic impacts in the greater Enatai area.  Please visit for up-to-date information about that committee's work.

The Beaux Arts Council is reviewing ways of evaluating the volume and impact of traffic cutting through Beaux Arts during Sound Transit's construction.  At their April 2017 meeting, they authorized the purchase of traffic counters that will be used to establish the current volume of traffic using both 108th Ave SE and the 104th/SE28th/105th SE arterial.  After the baseline counts are obtained, periodic counts will be taken so that the Council can evaluate volume changes and determine appropriate action.

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The City of Bellevue is  exploring options to build a new southbound HOV lane on Bellevue Way SE to increase capacity for traffic leaving downtown and to improve transit speed and reliability.  For ongoing information about this project, please visit:

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WHICH MAILBOX IS WHICH?  There continues to be a lot of confusion about which box to use for various payments, correspondence, and outgoing mail.  Here is a brief reminder about which box to use:

bulletWATER PAYMENTS:  All payments for water bills may be placed in the locked box on the pole near the mailstand across from the water tower.  This box is identified as "TOWN OF BEAUX ARTS VILLAGE / BEAUX ARTS WATER DEPARTMENT".  You may also continue mailing your payments to BAWD, 10530 SE 27th Street, Beaux Arts, WA  98004.
bulletTOWN CORRESPONDENCE:  Correspondence intended for the Town Council, staff, and other boards and commissions may be placed in the locked box on the pole near the mailstand across from the water tower.  This box is the same as for WATER PAYMENTS and is identified as "TOWN OF BEAUX ARTS VILLAGE / BEAUX ARTS WATER DEPARTMENT".  You may also mail correspondence to Town of Beaux Arts Village, 10550 SE 27th Street, Beaux Arts, WA 98004.
bulletWABA PAYMENTS AND CORRESPONDENCE:  All correspondence and payments to the Western Academy of Beaux Arts (WABA) may be placed in the locked box on the mailstand on SE 28th Street just west of 104th Avenue SE.  This box is identified as "WABA".  You may also mail payments and correspondence to WABA, 10100 SE 28th Pl, Beaux Arts, WA  98004.
bulletOUTGOING MAIL:  All outgoing mail, i.e. stamped mail that you want the postal carrier to take to the Post Office for delivery to another address should be placed in the green mailbox on the left end of the mailstand on SE 28th Street just west of 104th Ave SE.  This mailbox is identified as "OUTGOING MAIL" and "U.S. MAIL".

Please remember that the Town of Beaux Arts Village and the Western Academy of Beaux Arts are two completely separate entities.  Each employs its own clerks to conduct business in their own spaces.  If you place mail for one entity in the box of the other, the clerks will do their best to place your mail in the correct box in a timely manner.  But delays are inevitable, so please use the correct box to avoid possible late charges and/or lost mail.

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ZIP+4 LOOKUP:  Beaux Arts will benefit greatly from recent changes in the way sales tax is collected and distributed in Washington State IF residents will use their ZIP+4 zip code for all online purchases and local purchases delivered to your home.  If you don't already know your ZIP+4, please click here for a link to the lookup feature at

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As you browse documents on this website, such as minutes, permit forms, etc., you will notice that they are stored as pdf files.  Because pdf readers, e.g. Adobe Acrobat, are readily available and in widespread use, we are using this file type to preserve formatting characteristics and to make our documents available to all computer platforms and operating systems.  If you do not already have a pdf reader, we invite you to visit to download the latest version of their free Acrobat reader or click this icon.

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If you should experience any challenges when using our website or wish to comment on its content, please send an email to so we can improve our service.