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Town Council
Last Update:  27 February 2018

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The Council of the Town of Beaux Arts Village is its governing body and consists of a Mayor and five Councilmembers, all of whom are residents of the Town elected at large by registered voters residing in the Town.  The Mayor and Councilmembers are volunteers who serve four-year terms and are eligible for re-election without term limits.

Current members of the Town Council are:

Mayor John Gillem (term expires in 2021)
Position No. 1 Aletha Howes (term expires in 2021)
Position No. 2 vacant (term expires in 2019)  
Position No. 3 Tom Stowe (term expires in 2021)
Position No. 4 Paula Dix (term expires in 2019)
Position No. 5 Hans Juhle (term expires in 2021)

Regular Council meetings are held at 7:00pm on the second Tuesday of each month.  Because Beaux Arts has no Town Hall, the Mayor and Councilmembers take turns hosting the monthly Council meetings in their homes.  A meeting agenda listing the topics to be discussed and the meeting location is posted to this website (see Agendas & Public Notices page) and on mailstands throughout the Village several days before the meeting.  Please note that the Council agenda is subject to change.

Any Villager may offer their home as a meeting location.  Click here to see the current meeting schedule updated January 1, 2018.

Special Council meetings may be held from time to time as needed.  Notices and agendas for special meetings are posted on mailstands at least 24 hours before the meeting and on the Agendas & Public Notices page of this website.  The location of each special meeting is listed on the agenda for that meeting.

The Town Council serves as the Town's legislative and administrative body.  As legislative body, the Council establishes the policies and goals of the Town through the passage of ordinances and adoption of resolutions.  As its administrative body, the Council oversees the operation and maintenance of the Town's streets, water department, and public rights-of-way, plans and provides for emergency preparedness, and handles day-to-day issues.  The Council is also charged with authorizing the Town annual budget and its monthly operating expenditures and acts as a quasi-judicial body when reviewing requests for subdivisions, boundary-line adjustments, and lot consolidations.

The Mayor presides over all Council meetings.  Because meetings are held in Councilmembers homes, they tend to be relatively informal, though the business of the Council is treated seriously and the meetings are run according to Roberts Rules of Order.

One of the Council's primary responsibilities is ensuring the smooth operation of the Town. This includes the thoughtful expenditure of revenues in support of administrative staff to perform needed work, projects to maintain the Town's infrastructure, and essential services, e.g. police and fire protection. To ensure that the Town is able to fulfill it's obligations, the Council prepares two budget documents:

bulletIn late summer, the Council prepares and adopts a six-year Capital Improvement Plan and Transportation Improvement Program to outline anticipated capital spending over the next six-year cycle.  To view a copy of the current CIP/TIP, click here. 
bulletEach fall, the Council prepares and adopts an annual operating budget showing the anticipated revenues and expenditures for the coming year.  To view a copy of the current year's budget, click here.  (You will need to install Adobe Acrobat reader to view these files.)

        Get Acrobat Reader (link to

Government in Beaux Arts is truly grass roots.  Villagers are encouraged to attend all meetings and speak on issues of concern to them.  Villagers who cannot attend a meeting may submit written comments for the Council's consideration by mailing them to the Town's mailing address (see General Information), emailing Clerk-Treasurer Sue Ann Spens at or calling her at 425.454.8580 to make arrangements for transmitting their comments by other means.

Copies of approved minutes from recent Council meetings can be viewed by choosing from the list below.  Please keep in mind that the minutes listed are only a summation of the proceedings of the meeting and are not a verbatim transcript.

    January 2018 January 2017
    February 2018 February 2017
      March 2017
      April 2017
      May 2017
      June 2017
      July 2017
      August 2017 (no meeting unless needed)
      September 2017
      October 2017
      November 2017
      December 2017
January 2016 January 2015 January 2014 January 2013
February 2016 February 2015 February 2014 February 2013
March 2016 March 2015 March 2014 Notes from February 2013 Working Sessions
April 2016 April 2015 April 2014 March 2013
May 2016 May 2015 May 2014 April 2013
June 2016 June 2015 June 2014 May 2013
July 2016 July 2015 July 2014; June 2013
August 2016 (no meeting) August 2015 (no meeting) July 28, 2014 Special Meeting July 2013
September 2016 September 2015 August 2014 (no meeting) August 2013 (no meeting)
October 2016 October 2015 September 2014 September 2013
November 2016 November 2015 October 2014 October 2013
December 2016 December 2015 November 2014 November 2013
    December 2014 December 2013
January 2012 January 2011 January 2010 January 2009
February 2012 February 2011 February 2010 February 2009
March 2012 March 2011 March 2010 March 2009
April 2012 April 2011 April 2010 April 2009
May 2012 May 2011 May 2010 May 12, 2009
June 2012 June 2011 June 2010 May 26, 2009
July 2012 July 2011 July 2010 June 2009
August 2012 (no meeting) August 2011 (no meeting) August 2010 (no meeting) July 2009
September 2012 September 2011 September 14, 2010 August 2009 (no meeting)
October 2012 October 2011 September 30, 2010 September 2009
November 2012 November 2011 October 2010 October 2009
December 2012 December 2011 November 2010 November 2009
    December 2010 December 2009

If you need a copy of minutes from an earlier date, please email the Clerk-Treasurer at or phone 425.454.8580.