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Planning Commission
Last Update:  7 February 2018

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The Planning Commission of the Town of Beaux Arts is its advisory body on land-use issues.  The Commission consists of five Commissioners, all of whom are residents of the Town, are appointed by the Mayor and are confirmed by the Town Council.  Commissioners are volunteers who serve six-year terms and are eligible for re-appointment without term limits.

Current members of the Planning Commission are:

Position No. 1 Jeff Kendall (term expires in 2018)
Position No. 2 vacant (term expires in 2020)
Position No. 3 Steve Tegeler (term expires in 2021)
Position No. 4 Kim Moloney  (term expires in 2022)
Position No. 5 Jeremy Laws (term expires 2023)

Regular Planning Commission meetings are held at 7:00pm on the third Thursday of each month, except in the months of July, August, and December, though they may meet during those months if their workload requires it.  Because Beaux Arts has no Town Hall, Commissioners take turns hosting the monthly meetings in their homes.  The monthly meeting host acts as that meeting's chair.  A meeting agenda listing the topics to be discussed and the meeting location is posted on mailstands throughout the Village about one week in prior to the meeting.  Any Villager may offer their home as a meeting location.

Special meetings may be held from time to time as needed.  Notices and agendas for special meetings are posted on mailstands at least 24 hours before the meeting and on the Agendas & Public Notices page of this website.  The location of each special meeting is listed on the agenda for that meeting.

The Planning Commission's role is to assist the Town Council in matters related to land use and zoning, including reviewing the Town's Comprehensive Plan, studying current issues related to land use or zoning, developing ordinance language in response to these issues, conducting preliminary public hearings on proposed ordinances to ensure public involvement in the rule-making process, writing findings of fact based on the public hearings, and making recommendations to the Town Council based upon those findings.  The Planning Commissions' bylaws outline these duties in detail. 

Government in Beaux Arts is truly grass roots.  Villagers are encouraged to attend all meetings and speak on issues of concern to them.  Villagers who cannot attend a meeting may submit written comments for the Planning Commission's consideration by mailing them to the Town's mailing address (see General Information), emailing Deputy Clerk Angela Kulp at or calling 425.269.6985 to make arrangements for transmitting their comments by other means.

Copies of approved minutes from recent Planning Commission meetings can be viewed by choosing from the list below.  Please keep in mind that the minutes listed are only a summation of the proceedings of the meeting and are not a verbatim transcript.

    January 2018 (no meeting) January 2017
    February 2018 February 2017 (no meeting)
      March 2017
      April 2017
      May 2017
      June 2017
      July 2017
      August 2017
      September 2017
      October 2017
      November 2017
      December 2017
January 2016 January 2015 January 2014 January 2013
February 2016 February 2015 February 2014 February 2013
March 2016 March 2015 March 2014 March 2013
April 2016 April 2015 April 2014 April 2013
May 2016 (no meeting) May 2015 May 2014 May 2013
June 2016 June 2015 June 2014 June 2013
July 2016 July 2015 July 2014 (no meeting) July 2013 (no meeting)
August 2016 No meeting) August 2015 August 2014 (no meeting) August 2013 (no meeting)
Sept 15, 2016; Sept 29, 2016 September 2015 September 2014 September 2013 (no meeting)
October 2016 October 2015 October 2014 October 2013
November 2016 November 2015 November 2014 November 2013 (no meeting)
December 2016 December 2015 (no meeting) December 2014 (no meeting) December 9, 2013
      December 16, 2013 (no meeting)
January 2012 January 2011 January 2010 (no meeting) January 2009
February 2012 February 2011 February 2010 February 2009
March 2012 March 2011 March 2010 March 2009
April 2012 April 2011 April 2010 (no meeting) April 2009
May 2012 May 2011 May 2010 May 2009
June 2012 June 2011 June 2010 June 2009
July 2012 (no meeting) July 14, 2011, July 21, 2011 July 2010 July 2009 (no meeting)
August 2012 (no meeting) August 2011 August 2010 August 2009 (no meeting)
September 2012 Sept 1,2011, Sept 15, 2011 September 2010 September 2009
October 2012 (no meeting) Sept 22, 2011, Sept 29, 2011 October 2010 October 2009
November 2012 October 2011 (No meeting) November 2010 November 2009
December 2012 November 2011 December 2010 (no meeting) December 2009 (no meeting)
  December 2011