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Hearing Examiner
Last Update: 
17 September 2015

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At their regular March 2011 meeting, the Council passed Ordinance No. 382 creating the office of Hearing Examiner to hear and decide on requests for variance to the Zoning Code, exceptions to the Tree Code, requests for review of the Building Official's interpretation and other related quasi-judicial matters.  The Hearing Examiner replaces the Board of Adjustment, which in recent years was having difficulty attracting and keeping members.  While this may seem like a big change to long-time residents, Hearing Examiners decide similar matters in many local cities, and residents of those cities have found the experience to be very straight-forward and professional.  If you wish to read the ordinance, please click here.

The Council also passed three related ordinances.  Ordinance Nos. 383, 384 and 385 amend the Zoning Code, Tree Code and Regulatory Reform Ordinance to replace references to the Board of Adjustment with the Hearing Examiner.

The Town has contracted with Sound Law Center to provide these services.  Residents wishing to request the services of the Hearing Examiner or to view documents relating to a request for these services should contact Deputy Clerk Angela Kulp by email at or by phone at 425.269.6985.