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Municipal Code (formerly Key Ordinances)
Last Update:  29 January 2016

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In December 2011, the Council adopted the Beaux Arts Village Municipal Code (BAV MC) prepared by Code Publishing.  The BAV MC presents all of the active ordinances of the Town written in a format that is most users find easier to research and understand.  Those who have experience with municipal codes in other cities will find that the overall organization of our municipal code is very similar to that elsewhere; this is by design and is just one of the features that makes the municipal code an important tool for the Town's residents, staff, and governing bodies.

Please use the following link to connect to the BAV MC:

As you navigate through the code, you will notice that the Town's regulations are organized by subject into titles.  You will also notice that each section within a title includes a parenthetical reference to the ordinance that established the regulation.  These parenthetical references serve as a reminder that the ordinances passed by the Council remain the controlling legislation in the Town.  The municipal code is, in reality, a reorganization of the Town's regulations into user-friendly format.

As the Council deems necessary, new Town ordinances will be enacted, and copies kept on file with the Town Clerk.  Periodically, the Town Clerk will submit all new ordinances to Code Publishing for inclusion in an updated BAV MC.  During the period when an ordinance is passed and when it is codified, the Town Clerk will post a copy of the new ordinance on this page and Code Publishing will include a link to the new ordinance on theirs.

To view the Town's current fee schedule, please view Resolution No. 298.