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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Last Update:  7 March 2018

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The Town of Beaux Arts Village participates in A Regional Coalition for Housing (ARCH), a partnership of the County and East King County Cities who have joined together to assist with preserving and increasing the supply of housing for low– and moderate-income households in the region. ARCH assists member governments in developing housing policies, strategies, programs, and development regulations; coordinates the cities' financial support to groups creating affordable housing for low– and moderate-income households; and assists people looking for affordable rental and ownership housing.  ARCH's member governments have supported a wide range of housing created and operated by local organizations and private developers that serve individuals, families, seniors, the homeless, and persons with special needs.  Please visit for more information on ARCH, including links to information about ARCH's senior housing options.

King County provides animal-control services to the Town of Beaux Arts Village.  Dog and cats must be licensed annually, and the number of animals is limited to two dogs and two cats per household.  Our regulations require that dogs be under voice or signal control or on a leash anytime they are off their owners' property.  King County Regional Animal Services does not patrol the Village, but they will respond to complaints of loose, nuisance, or noisy animals.  To contact KC Regional Animal Services with questions or complaints, please call 206.296.7387.  WABA has additional rules pertaining to dogs on the beach; please refer to Section 11.0 of your green book for more information.

Beaux Arts Village is home to bald-eagle nests.  Bald eagles are listed as a State Sensitive species, and their habitat is protected under Washington State's Bald Eagle Protection Rules.  If you plan any construction or tree cutting/trimming, you may need a Bald Eagle Management Plan.  The Fish and Wildlife Commission sets rules and policies for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), including the Bald Eagle protection rules.  For more information about these rules, contacts for additional assistance, and other important information, please visit:   Before you begin any work, please review this important information and contact WDFW if you have questions. 

The Beaux Arts Beach and Boat Docks are private property that is owned, operated and maintained by the Western Academy of Beaux Arts (WABA).  For more information about WABA and its property, including moorage and boat slips, please visit their website at

Please refer to the Permit Center & Building Dept page of this website for more information.

Outdoor burning of brush is no longer allowed.  For more information, visit Bellevue Fire Department's Fire Prevention FAQs or call the Bellevue Fire Department at 425.452.6872.

The Town of Beaux Arts Village is zoned as a residential area, allowing commercial activity within Town limits under very limited circumstances as described in BAV MC 18.10.060 Commercial Activity.  We do not issue business licenses; however, contractors and other providing goods or services to residents may conduct their business activities under the business license in effect at the regular place of business, e.g. office, shop, etc.

CODE ENFORCEMENT AND COMPLAINTSIf you have a concern or complaint about a possible code violation, please complete a Complaint Form and deliver it to the Town by one of the following means:

Mail your completed form to Town of Beaux Arts Village, 10550 SE 27th Street, Beaux Arts, WA  98004.


Hand-deliver your form to the Town's mailbox on the mailstand nearest the water tower.


Scan your form and email a copy to Deputy Clerk Angela Kulp at

Deputy Clerk Kulp will direct your concern/complaint to the Town's code-enforcement officer, who will determine whether a code violations exists and, if so, remedy the situation.  Using the Complaint Form will help ensure that the details of your complaint are accurately shared with our code-enforcement officer and will simplify the documentation of this process. Please be aware that the Town occasionally receives complaints that appear to be intended to harass a neighbor rather than alert staff to a safety or code-related concern.  If Town staff determine as part of the complaint investigation that no code violation exists and that harassment appears to be the intent of the complainant (based on existing factors, including the number/type of complaints received, the frequency of complaints, etc.), the Town may pass on the charges associated with the investigation to the complainant (in accordance with the Town's Fees Resolution).

The Town lists fees for the various services provided to individual residents, e.g. building permits, variances, water billings, etc., in Resolution No. 298. (1/12/2016)

The Town of Beaux Arts Village is designated as a Golf Cart Zone.  Residents wishing to operate an golf cart within the Town should review BAVMC 10.15 GOLF CARTS for regulations governing the use of golf carts in Beaux Arts Village and follow the process for registering a golf cart using the Golf Cart Registration form.

King County maintains several websites related to the disposal of hazardous waste as part of the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program (LHWMP): gives general information about LHWMP, includes information for residents on household hazardous waste disposal and less toxic alternatives, and lists site locations and gives a link to information about business hazardous waste.

The hospital closest to Beaux Arts is Overlake Hospital Medical Center, 1035 - 116th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA.
Other hospitals located in the greater Seattle include Harborview Medical Center, Swedish Medical Center, Virginia Mason Medical Center, University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle Children's Hospital, Group Health Cooperative, and Evergreen Hospital (Kirkland).

King County maintains a website at filled with valuable information about the county and the services it provides, including property records, employment, and links to other helpful websites.  Information about King County's solid waste facilities (dumps), including the location and operating hours of the transfer stations in our area, can be found at and about purchasing compost bins online at

LOCAL SERVICE FRANCHISES (Please note this is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all public and private utilities serving Beaux Arts, just those that have franchise agreements with the Town.)
bulletGarbage Collection is provided by Republic Services, 425.646.2800.  During severe weather, customers may check the status of garbage collection in the area by visiting the Republic Services website.
bulletGas/Electric Service is provided by Puget Sound Energy, 425.454.2000 or toll-free 1.888.225.5773.
bulletSewer Service is provided by City of Bellevue, 425.452.6973.
bulletLandline telephone service is provided by Century Link, 425.452.0010.  Several wireless service providers serve the area, including Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.
bulletCable TV/Internet service is provided by ComcastSign up for service online or by phoning 206.527.5300 or toll-free 1.877.824.2288.
bulletThere are other Internet-service options, including those offered by wired/wireless telephone-service providers, and subscription-TV options; however, the options are too numerous to list here.  Interested persons should conduct an internet search to find a current list of services provided in our area.

King County Metro Transit operates bus services throughout King County.  Their website provides access to bus schedules and maps and is updated to include information about schedule and route changes caused by snow and inclement weather.

Each Villager owns and is responsible for his/her own mailbox, including its purchase and installation.  The various families using a particular mailstand are responsible for the maintenance of and repairs to that mailstand.  If a mailstand needs to be replaced, you may contact the Town Clerk to obtain a copy of a suggested plan for building a mailstand similar to several located throughout the Village or work with your neighbors to develop a style that appeals to the group.

The Town of Beaux Arts Village and the Beaux Arts Water Department share a locking mailbox on the mailstand across from the water tower on SE 27th St.  THIS MAILBOX IS ONLY FOR INCOMING MAIL INTENDED FOR THE TOWN OF BEAUX ARTS VILLAGE OR THE BEAUX ARTS WATER DEPARTMENT.

Please do not put your outgoing mail or your mail for WABA in the Town's mailbox.
bulletOUTGOING MAIL (i.e. mail you want the mail carrier to collect and take to the Post Office) can be placed in a GREEN locking mailbox near the mailstand on SE 28th Street just west of 104th Ave SE.  This box is clearly marked for OUTGOING MAIL.
bulletWABA MAIL can be placed in the BLACK locking mailbox on the mailstand on SE 28th Street just west of 104th Ave SE.  This box is clearly marked for WABA and is addressed as 10010 SE 28th.

One of the many unique characteristics of the Village is the posting of individual/family name signs on a corner post near your home.  If you are new to the Village or need your sign replaced for any reason, please contact the Town Clerk at 425.454.8580 or by email at with your name, address, and preferred sign location, if any.  The Town Clerk will arrange for your sign to be made and posted for you.  After your sign is posted, you will receive an invoice for the cost of the sign (typically around $30).

The Town's parking rules can be found in Chapter 10.10 of the Beaux Arts Village Municipal Code.

bulletThe Town contracts with the King County Sheriff's Office (KCSO) for police-protection services, including crime response and traffic enforcement.
◦  If you have an emergency, please dial 911.  The 911 dispatcher answering your call will ask you several questions to help them prioritize your call and ensure that your emergency it is handled immediately.
◦  If you have a routine matter, please contact them by dialing 206.296.3311.  This non-emergency line is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and operators are trained to determine if your situation should be escalated to emergency status.
bulletThe Town contracts with the Bellevue Fire Department for fire-protection and Medic One services.
◦  If you have an emergency, please contact them for by dialing 911.
◦  If you have a routine matter, please contact them by dialing 425.452.6892
bulletThe Town also has a Town Marshal who coordinates the Blockwatch Program and acts as a liaison between the King County Sheriff's Office.  Please refer to your Green Book for more information about the Marshal's duties and the Blockwatch Program.

bulletBeaux Arts Village is located in the 41st Legislative District of Washington State.  Our current state representatives are:  Senator Lisa Wellman, Representative Tana Senn, and Representative Judy Clibborn.
bulletBeaux Arts is located in the 8th Congressional District of the United States.  Our current US representatives are: Senator Maria Cantwell, Senator Patty Murray, and Representative Adam Smith.

There are several post offices within 20 miles of Beaux Arts, including:
bulletthe Bellevue Post Office located at 12224 NE Bel-Red Rd in Bellevue,
bulletthe Midlakes Post Office located at 12400 SE 38th Street in Bellevue (near the Factoria Mall), and
bulletthe Mercer Island Post Office located at 3040 - 78th Ave SE on Mercer Island.

The Town also has its own Outgoing Mail box, located next to the mailstand on SE 28th St. just west of 104th Ave SE.  This greenish blue box sits on its own pole and is marked "OUTGOING MAIL ONLY".

Property taxes are the Town's primary source of operating revenue, but the Town only receives a portion of the property taxes paid by each property owner.  State statutes mandate that the Town may increase the dollar value of its property-tax levy by no more than 1% without putting a larger increase before the people for a vote.  If you have questions about your current property tax bill or property taxes in general, please click here for more information.

Two of the most distinctive features of the Village are its narrow streets and the abundant foliage that lines them.  Most Villagers and their visitors agree there's no other place in the Puget Sound area quite like this.  What we see and enjoy does not happen by accident, but rather is the result of a mutual understanding among Villagers that has spanned many years.  This understanding balances the diverse views we hold about how foliage in the Village should look with the safety needs of those who use our streets -- drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

The urban forest growing in Beaux Arts is an important element in its character.  Villagers may NOT remove any tree from public property unless the Council has granted that person permission to do so.  In reviewing a request to remove a tree on public property, the Council considers the health of the tree and the potential danger it poses to persons or property.  Similarly, Villagers who notice a tree on public property that appears to be dead, dying, or dangerous are asked to contact Clerk-Treasurer Sue Ann Spens at and report the location and type of tree so that an arborist can assess the tree's condition and determine if it should be removed.

The Town depends on Villagers to maintain the rights of way immediately adjacent to their property by mowing, weeding, trimming, etc. as necessary to keep these areas attractive.  By the same token, Villagers are encouraged to add landscaping to the rights-of-way that lie between their property and the paved roadway, also known as planting strips.  However, in doing so, it is very important to observe the rules established by the Town's Right of Way Code.  Please take a moment to review these rules in Chapter 12.15 of the Beaux Arts Village Municipal Code before you start planning any improvements to the public property adjacent to your own.

Beaux Arts Village is located in the Bellevue School District.  The three main public schools serving Beaux Arts are Enatai Elementary School, Chinook Middle School, and Bellevue High School.

Beaux Arts Village participates in the regional Small Works Roster maintained by Municipal Research and Service Center, a private, non-profit organization based in Seattle, Washington whose mission is to promote excellence in Washington local government through professional consultation, research and information services.  For more information and instructions about how to become part of this program, please visit

Street lights are operated and maintained by Puget Sound Energy.  If you see a  street light that is out at night, constantly on during the day, or appears to be operating improperly, please report it to PSE by phone at 1.877.229.1235 (toll-free) or online at  Before you report the outage, you will need to make note of the pole number.  Most street light poles have a 12-digit grid number (black & yellow numbering on metal tags) or INTOLIGHT tag (INTOLIGHT logo on metal tag).  If no pole number is visible, note the street intersection or home address that is nearest the pole.

When you have goods delivered  or services performed at your home, e.g. heating-oil deliveries, construction work, home repairs, tree maintenance, etc., please ask the merchant to write the Beaux Arts Sales Tax Number 1703 on their copy of your invoice.  When the merchant reports their sales-tax collections to the Washington State Department of Revenue, a portion of the sales tax you have paid to them will be returned to the Town and used for local projects: repairing streets, maintaining Town property, covering administrative expenses, etc.

The Town of Beaux Arts Village is known for its trees!  This abundance of trees creates a tranquil forest-like feel despite being only minutes away from two urban centers.  Villagers have placed a high value on this forest for many years and have managed it through shared community pride and a vision for its preservation rather than through formal regulations.  Unfortunately, it seems that community pride is no longer enough to preserve this treasure.  In July 2008, the Town enacted rules to regulate the cutting of trees and a permit process for monitoring that cutting.  In November 2008, the code was amended to clarify certain definitions.  Please review Chapter 16.25 of the Beaux Arts Village Municipal Code for more information.

Each Spring and Fall, the Town Council sets a date for a Town Clean-up, and notices announcing the dates and any special projects (e.g. Ivy Attack) are posted on mailstands.  The Town procures commercial dumpsters, which are brought into the Village just prior to each event and removed a few days later.   These dumpsters are only for dumping yard waste cleared from Town property only and should never be used for private yard waste.

The King County Records, Licensing, and Elections Division handles voter registration for the entire County.  You may review the online information or call them at 206.296.VOTE.

WABA maintains a website filled with information about its various events.  Please visit for more information.  WABA also has its own mailbox identified with a WABA parking sticker and the address 10010 SE 28th Street.  This locked box is on the mailstand on SE 28th Street just west of 104th Avenue SE.

The State of Washington maintains a website of valuable information about the state, including state government, employment, tourism, etc. as well as links to other helpful sites.

Please refer to the Water Dept page of this website for general information about the Beaux Arts Water Department, including quality testing and water hardness.

The zip code for the Town of Beaux Arts Village is 98004.  If you wish to use Beaux Arts as your mailing address (which the Town encourages), please be sure to use this zip code or mail may not reach you.  Using your ZIP+4 also helps ensure that the Town receives sales tax proceeds for purchases that are delivered to your home.  To find you ZIP+4, please use the following link: